Vibe has been renamed to Cettia and is no longer maintained! Use Cettia. ×
flowersinthesand wrote Vibe 3.0.0-Alpha12 released on February 5, 2015.


A real-time web application framework

The Vibe is a new web framework to write low-latency, event-driven, real-time web application and service based on its own polyglot protocol built over transport such as HTTP and WebSocket. A Vibe focuses on providing reliable full duplex connection and making the best use of it for modern enterprise application development so that teams can focus on event handling without unnecessary ties to low-level details like transport mechanisms and message loss and integrate application with any technologies or patterns for enterprise application with ease. B, C


Vibe Protocol is designed with polyglot in mind to make it easy to use Vibe with any language.


The following implementations are officially maintained by Vibe team. Note that each project has many more useful features besides its name suggests and provides examples.


Also we created some reusable projects to separate implementation part and other parts. If they fit your needs, feel free to use them for your own purpose.